Welcome to Write On Mama!

Write on Mama! is a writing community for mothers of children of all ages and all kinds of writers. WOM provides a space for mothers to write and think and prompts to encourage a writing flow. If you’re looking to spark a creative practice or need a moment to slow down and be in your own head, this is the place for you.

Creativity is one of the keys to navigating the motherhood journey and a powerful way to notice one’s experience. I like to explore how motherhood is a work in progress — not a box to squeeze ourselves into.

WOM offers creative-writing-based programs depending on where you’re at on your motherhood trip. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a writer or even like writing to enjoy these sessions!

Write On Mama! was created by Laura Repo in 2012, as ‘Writing Through the Twilight Zone’. The first installation of WOM was a weekly session for mamas/parents with babies. We met for a year in a few different cafes in Toronto’s west end. Over the past 10 years, we have had writing sessions at The Depanneur, The Brockton Haunt, Artscape Youngplace, The Gladstone Hotel, Field Trip and Miss Pippa’s.

WOM is facilitated by Laura Repo.

What you’ll find here:

Write On Mama! Prompts: Two online writing sessions per month on Zoom: the second WED of the month (PWYC) and the last SUNDAY of the month (PWYC).

Write On Mama! Writing Room: In-person mini-retreat held in a cozy living room. The writing room will allow you to dig deeper into your writing. Prompts provided. Group check-in and sharing writing.  Coffee, tea and snacks included.

Go Slow Mama: a 4-week session for the early days of mothering, including baby massage, creative writing, relaxation and exploring the family songbook & lullabies. For all kinds of writers with small babies.

Birth Story Poems: How to walk through the birth story, one poem at a time. Experience writing poetry is unnecessary — all kinds of writers/mothers can do this. Group: Four sessions: $197. Mini: $50. Private $97.

Dearest Anxiety: With pen to paper, we’ll write to our anxiety and to the coziness in our lives. Through writing prompts, we’ll invite them both in for tea. This is a co-facilitation with Nina K Moore and Laura Repo. We come together on the last Monday of the month on Zoom. $20 Register with Nina

Illustration by Marlena Zuber.

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