Write on Mama! January 27th/18

  • January 27, 2018
    5:00 am - 8:00 am

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Our next session:
Saturday, January 27th, 2018
10 am to 1 pm (note the longer time!)
Artscape Youngplace
180 Shaw Street

I’ve been writing a poem a day, trying not to think too hard about it, just plunking down a little thought into a few short lines. It feels like a good way to get back to my writing. Here’s one I wrote after taking my son and his cousin (both 15 years old) to Uncle Mikey’s, a new neighbourhood restaurant on Dundas West. We splurged and tried almost everything on the menu. The nicest part about the evening was listening to the boys give each dish a rating.

Sami and Casey
stop between bites
to rate the food
8.5 for the mouth-feel
a 10.5 for the flavour.

Do you have something you’re working on to finish at our next session? I think we could continue on with the Unfinished Projects idea that Suzanne Desrochers initiated for the rest of 2018 and see what happens. I still haven’t found the baby blanket I started when I was pregnant, which does seem to loom over me as proof of my motherly ineptitude. It might be time to part with it. It could be liberating to look at our list of projects – whatever they may be and finally make peace by finishing or being finished with them.

Suzanne will join us for another writing session later this year. In the meantime, do some thinking about your unfinished projects. If you missed the last session, take a look at one of her prompts and write for 10 minutes before we meet next time.

Unfinished Projects:

1. Make a list of all the projects, big and small, that you currently have on the go. Cross off the ones you have no desire to ever finish and circle the ones you wish you had more time to complete.

This month, Sat. Jan 27th, Jaclyn Desforges of Nest and Story will be writing with us and supplying the prompts. And if you need a dedicated book club with a writing component, check out her workshop, Flock Together: A Feminist Reading and Writing Workshop which starts on Sunday, Jan 28th.

And…this is awesome…Jaclyn will send you a zine of her “Sharpie-d maternal rantings” – all you gotta do is send her your snail mail address. Email her here: Jaclyn

About sharing our writing at the end of our sessions:

Never feel like you can’t show up because I’ll force you to share your writing. I might try to persuade you, but you can always take a pass. Just know that it’s really, really nice to hear everyone read something. I find it serves as a nice segue from the quiet time of writing together, keeping us in the world of words a bit longer before we do a general check-in. I know the uncomfortable feeling of having to read something I just wrote, so feel free to bring anything that you would like to read – it could even be something someone else wrote. We’ll reserve the general check-in for after we read.

For 2018: There is talk of needing a writing retreat. Maybe we start with something close to home? I have a vision of a big old Toronto house, overlooking a ravine, with a room for everyone and a giant kitchen. Send me your wish list if this is something you’d like to do! Let’s start hunting for a room…

In the meantime, let’s fill up our lives with short little poems…



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