Go Slow Mama

…motherhood is a work in progress.

For mothers in the early days of mothering (the twilight zone).

baby massage, meditation, writing, lullabies and community connection…

This series explores meditation, creative writing, baby massage and lullabies from the family songbook. We talk about motherhood as a work in progress and how to relax in the midst of the unknown. With four consecutive sessions, you’ll get a chance to anchor and find your voice while navigating the twilight zone. These sessions will also set you up to massage your baby with confidence, teaching you what you already know.

Here’s a song I wrote about all the coal mining songs my dad sang to me. They were his idea of lullabies and songs that became lullabies for me. I wrote the second verse after my son was born.

Lullabies of the Land

What we cover in 4 sessions:

Week 1 Creative Writing and the Birth Story

Week 2 The Art of Baby Massage

Week 3 Mindfulness When Your Mind Isn’t 

Week 4 Lullabies and the Family Songbook